Horizontal two roll mill HW-30

The mixing machine for bigger quantities silicone or HCR
HCR resins have to be mixed prior to be extruded in extruders. For reliable results of final curing of the product it is inevitable to mix resins prior to the extrusion process. We build mixers for the pre mixing process. Our HW-30 mixer can take up to 5 kG. Of 50 shore A resin at a batch. Bigger machines are only build to client specification.

Machines up to 2 kg. can be executed in single phase power supply, bigger quantity machines require 3 phase power supply.
HW-30 demo movie
Mixing pigment into HCR
Mixing old and new material (silicone)

High quality chrome finish

The high quality chrome finish layer on the rolls makes working easier

Bigger quantities

This machine is used for bigger quantities of material. It takes up to 5 kg at a time without any problems.

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Technical specifications
Electrical connection: 400 Volt, 3 phase and ground.
Installed power rating: 2,2 kW
0 Volt safety
Standard workheight: 1,2 mtr
Roll width: 75 cm
Roll diameter: 20 cm
Thickness minimum/maximum: 0 – 15 mm
Rotation speed: variable 1 - 30 RPM
Machine weight: 420 kg
Dimensions: L x W x H : 1,2 x 0,85 x 1,45 mtr
The standard frame of this machine is powdercoated in RAL 5026 (dark blue metallic).
Plating of the machine is powdercoated in RAL 9001.
The machines can be delivered in any color of your own preference (additional charge).
Standard equipment
  • Full cover on top side of machine (safety)
  • Dams on the side of the rolls for standalone mixing operation
  • Special chrome finished rolls
  • Optional extras

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