Machines for coloring and mixing silicones (two roll mills)

Dijatec two roll mill MW-06
Hand operated two roll mill. Ideal machine to take on location thanks to it's low weight.
Dijatec electrical two roll mill MW-20 HV
MW-20 HV
Electrical two roll mill MW-20HV. Designed to be used in standing or sitting position.
Electrical two roll mill HW-30. Designed for mixing bigger quantities of material. It takes up to 6,5 kg without any problem.
Dijatec electric silicone roll mill MW-10 pro
Electrical two roll mill MW-10 PRO. This machine is designed to be used on a workbench.
DIJATEC Two roll mill MW-20
Electrical two roll mill MW-20. This machine is designed to be used for mixing 500 grams up to 1500 grams of material.

Two roll mill safety systems

Stop wire
All our electrical two roll mills are equipped with a stop wire as a standard safety device
Dijatec two roll mill safety systems
BRDS system (only MW-10)
Our two roll mill MW-10 is equipped with an extra safety feature, the BRDS system.
Full coverage protection
Our electrical two roll mills can be optionally equipped with a full coverage protection system