Two roll mill MW-06

The silicone laboratory for the professional on location.
Lightweight this machine is. With only 27 kG. this is one of the lightest muscle power mixing roller. Dijatec Machinebouw manufactures two roll mills for the mixing of silicones and polymers. All HCR’s up to 60° Shore A can be mixed with this machine. Maximum mass is approximately 0,2 kG. for this machine, depending on the hardness of the HCR. Harder HCR’s will cause muscle power to fail after very short.This machine is developed to be used on a workbench.With this small lightweight, hand operated two roll mill you are able to carry your tool to most alternative workspaces when needed. The gears on one side of each roll see to a smooth run, the gap between the rolls can be adjusted between 0,2 and 5 mm. This machine is perfect for mixing small amounts of HCR and rolling into thin layers.

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High quality chrome finish
The high quality chrome layer on the rolls makes your proces easier
Work wherever you want
Thanks to it's low weight of only 27 kg this machine is perfect to take with you on location
Download information
Download all information about this machine as a pdf file
Technical details
Standard work height: workbenchheight + 32 cm
Roller length: 30 cm
Roll diameter: 10 cm
Distance between rolls / min-max: 0.2 - 5.0 mm
Machine weight: 27 kg
Measurements : L x W x H (min/max): 38 x 25 x 38 cm
Frame color: Dark blue metallic RAL 5026, powdercoated
Operating lever : steel, blach coated
Other colors are available for this machine on request (additional charge)
Standard equipment
Optional extras

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