Horizontal silicone mixing machines

In the realm of horizontal silicone mixing machines, our flagship offering is a robust electric silicone roller meticulously tailored to fulfill your unique needs. Engineered to effortlessly manage up to 5000 grams of HCR silicones or diverse polymers, this standalone powerhouse is an ideal pre-production unit for injection molding applications. Moreover, its highly adaptable nature allows for extensive customization. Not only can the mixing capacity be enhanced to support up to 10000 grams, but the safety cover can also be tailor-made to suit your specific application requirements. Rest assured, all custom-made components and machinery adhere rigorously to the latest safety standards, ensuring optimal performance and peace of mind.

Horizontal silicone mixing machines - HW-30

Two roll mill HW-30

Standalone electric silicone roller. Roll diameter of 200 mm. Mixing capacity of up to 5000 grams 50 Shore A HCR silicones. Upgradable to 10000 grams capacity and custom made top cover designs.

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