Large mixing capacity machinery (< 2000 grams)

Within the large mixing capacity machinery category, we offer a diverse range of models to meet your specific requirements. These electric silicone rollers are engineered to handle up to 2000 grams of HCR silicones or other polymers. These standalone machines provide independence in operation. Additionally, we offer a specialized model equipped with an integrated electric height-adjustment feature, further enhancing the versatility and ease of use in your operational setup.

Larg mixing capacity machinery - MW-20

Two roll mill MW-20

Standalone electric silicone roll mill. Roll diameter of 200 mm. Mixing capacity of up to 1500 grams 50 Shore A HCR silicones.

Large mixing capacity machinery - MW-20 HV

Two roll mill MW-20 HV

Standalone electric silicone roller with electric height adjustment system. Roll diameter 200 mm. Mixing capacity of up to 1500 grams 50 shore A HCR silicones.

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Machines for mixing HCR siliconesLarge mixing capacity machinery (< 2000 grams)